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Children Visit Murston Heart Exhibition



Each class has been immersed in creativity today at Murston Heart with a visit to Sioux Peto's captivating Lost Landscapes exhibition - her talent is truly inspiring! Our pupils were enchanted by her art and deeply engaged in thought-provoking discussions with the artist herself.



For more info on the exhibitions being held by the 'Murston Heart Associated Artists' at Murston Heart please visit:


Planting for the Future



Planting seeds of knowledge and growth today at Hugh Price Close in Murston with the amazing pupils from Juniper class!


Learning about the importance of trees and their impact on the environment while creating a legacy in our own back garden.


And they got to meet the Mayor too!

Event at Murston Heart to display Sunny Bank Medieval Graffiti Tiles 


As part of this event you can see the Sunny Bank Medieval Graffiti Tiles, that were created by our pupils during the summer term. 



Sunny Bank pupils and their families will be able to see their tiles on display in the beautiful Chancel Exhibition Space. 



There will also be a number of other craft activities for children to have a go at - including stone carving with a real stone mason! The New Church will also have their doors open between 11am - 3pm.



Sunny Bank Primary School Empowers Children in Community Spirit Week


The pupils of Sunny Bank Primary School recently embarked on an inspiring journey of community engagement and shared values during their highly successful Community Spirit Week. This week-long event focused on fostering unity, moral purpose, and civic responsibility among the pupils, instilling in them the importance of giving back to their local area, caring for the environment, and emphasising the value of teamwork. Throughout the week, the pupils participated in a variety of activities that showcased their unwavering commitment to their community.



One group of pupils dedicated their time and effort to Murston Church, engaging in gardening, litter picking, leaf collection, and polishing the pews and tables. Their collective contributions not only revitalised the surroundings of the church but also demonstrated their dedication to preserving the beauty of sacred spaces.



Another group of pupils ventured to Murston Heart Old Church, where they planted bulbs in a large planter and cleared litter from the site. Through their hands-on involvement, they showcased their genuine concern for the environment and their strong commitment to preserving the historical significance of the church. The Murston Heart Organisation praised the pupils' efforts on the school's Facebook page, stating, "They were a real credit to Murston, and we appreciate their hard work for their community."



In addition to these endeavors, two classes at Sunny Bank Primary School demonstrated their creativity and compassion by crafting heartfelt homemade cards which they donated to the Demelza charity shop in Sittingbourne, contributing to the organisation's fundraising efforts and supporting Demelza's mission of improving the lives of children and families facing serious illnesses.


The children themselves shared their experiences during Community Spirit Week. Baylee expressed, "I felt enjoyment and pride while helping the community." Lola shared, "We are making a big difference in our community." Olivia said, "I loved Community Week because we got to help people." Henry shared, "Making special cards made me happy."


Mr. Allen, Head of Sunny Bank Primary School, expressed immense pride in the pupils' accomplishments, saying, "Community Spirit Week has truly empowered our children, helping them recognise their roles as active participants in society. Witnessing their dedication to helping others, preserving our environment, and working together for the greater good fills us with optimism for the future."


The efforts of the children at Sunny Bank Primary School during Community Spirit Week serve as a shining example of the positive impact that young individuals can have on their communities. By nurturing a sense of community, moral purpose, and teamwork, the school ensures that its pupils are well-prepared to become responsible and compassionate citizens.





Sunny Bank Primary School Celebrated King Charles' Coronation with a Community Picnic, Throne Photo Booth, and the Children Wearing Red, White, and Blue.



Sunny Bank Primary School, located in the heart of Murston community, held a celebratory event on May 5th, 2023, to mark the coronation of King Charles. The event was attended by teachers, students, parents, and members of the community, who gathered together to commemorate this momentous occasion.


The school organised a community picnic, where everyone brought their own food and drinks to share. The atmosphere was vibrant, with people chatting and laughing while enjoying the delicious spread of food. Children played games and had fun, while parents caught up with friends and neighbours.


One of the highlights of the event was the throne photo booth, where people had the opportunity to pose for pictures on the school’s version of the coronation throne. The booth added to the festive mood of the occasion.



All the children at the school were encouraged to dress in red, white, and blue, the colours of the British flag, to mark the coronation. The school was a sea of these colours, as children proudly showed off their outfits and accessories, many children had the Union Jack flag painted on their faces.


The event was a great success, with everyone coming together to celebrate this historic moment. The school would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to making it a memorable day. We look forward to more community events like this in the future.



Sunny Bank Choir Bring Christmas to the Forum


The choir of Sunny Bank Primary School delighted shoppers and business owners by performing Christmas carols at the Forum Shopping Centre on 8th December. The 40 strong choir only formed in October, but because of their hard work during practice they performed superbly as if they were a long established group.  It was a brilliant opportunity for the children at Sunny Bank to show off their hard work and skill, and it was wonderful to see the children giving something back to the community and spreading festive Christmas cheer. The event was also attended by parents of Sunny Bank Primary School and a great time was had by all!





Sunny Bank Officially Opens New Build!


Sunny Bank Primary School celebrated the Grand Opening of its new school buildings on 17th November 2022 and the feedback from guests clearly demonstrates the strength of the school and the positive transformation of Sunny Bank Primary School since joining the Island Learning Trust.



Following the event, Cllr James Hall posted on Murston Matters Facebook group: “Over the years I have been involved with Sunnybank School there have been difficult times but the staff have always worked tirelessly …the trustees and Mr Allen have put this school into a place it has never been to before, they have done an excellent job and I know the children are in good hands and will benefit from their education here.”



It was a memorable occasion for the children, staff and the whole community. The ceremony started with guest speakers and concluded with brilliant speeches from the Head Boy and Head Girl Amelia and Oliver. Everybody had a really fabulous day and proudly showcased Sunny Bank Primary; both in its fantastic new build, engaging library and its obvious desire for the children to learn and thrive in all aspects of school life.


Throughout the day, parents, staff, children and guests collaborated in creating an art installation to celebrate the grand opening and enjoyed tours of the brand new school by the school parliament and head boy and girl Amelia and Oliver.



Ryan Driver Deputy CEO of The Island Learning Trust messaged staff to say: “The school has really changed for the better…the tour guides were amazing and all the guests could see that the school has turned around.”


Everyone that attended, said what a brilliant day it was and how impeccable all the children were. In an email to the Head, Patricia Hatt (former Head teacher at Sunny Bank) said: “It was lovely to come back and be part of an exciting new chapter in the school's history. The children were a delight.”



“It is our mission at Sunny Bank that every staff member, parent, governor and child are consistently the best that they can be and this is reflecting in the success of the grand opening and the school every day. It really is a great school, a great place for our children to learn and to develop and grow.”  Mr Allen, Head of Sunny Bank School.



The event attracted a high turnout of special guests and it was attended by: Simon Clarke, Major of Swale who officially opened the new building, MP Gordon Henderson MP, Councillor James Hall, Area Education Officer, Marisa White, Executive Principal of Meadowfield School Jill Palmer, Vicar of Bapchild ‘St Laurence Church,’ Simon Young, 3 former head teachers of Sunny Bank Primary School - Maggie Laming, Maggie Cook and Patricia Hatt and other senior leaders, governors, members of Trust staff and Sunny Bank parents.


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