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Reading School

Sunny Bank Primary School takes great pride in its distinction as a Reading School, making it exemplary when it comes to promoting literacy. The school's unwavering dedication to fostering a love for reading among its students is evident in every aspect of school life. 


At Sunny Bank, we strive to create an atmosphere where children develop a true love for reading. Resilience is a value we instill in our students, encouraging them to persevere and overcome challenges in their reading journey. We also emphasise the importance of optimism, nurturing a positive mind-set that allows students to approach reading with enthusiasm and a belief in their abilities. 


Ambition is another quality we foster at Sunny Bank. We encourage our students to set reading goals and aim for continuous improvement. Through a diverse selection of books in our carefully designed curriculum, we cater to different interests and reading levels, ensuring that each child can find something that captivates their imagination and fuels their ambition to explore the world of books! 


We teach our students to take ownership of their reading habits and make choices that contribute to their personal growth as readers. Additionally, we work closely with parents and guardians to forge a partnership between home and school, recognising their vital role in shaping their children's reading habits and fostering a sense of responsibility. 


The school's well-stocked library is filled with a thoughtfully curated collection of books that cater to diverse interests and reading levels. Captivating storybooks, timeless classics, informative non-fiction texts, and contemporary works are all available, engaging every student's unique preferences and fostering their love for reading. Please take a look at our library page for more information. 


To further ignite excitement for reading, we organise regular reading events. Bedtime reads, visits from authors, storytelling sessions, reading challenges, and visits to our local library are just a few examples of the activities we arrange. These events not only strengthen reading skills but also promote a sense of community and camaraderie among the students. 


Through our holistic approach, Sunny Bank Primary School empowers its students to become lifelong readers. Equipped with resilience, optimism, ambition, and responsibility, they are prepared to explore the world through the written word, fostering a love for reading that extends far beyond their time at our school.

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