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At Sunny Bank we teach History through our topics which change termly. History is taught through a variety of ways such as drama, the medium of artwork, computing, music, food and a range of written tasks. We evidence our work in floor books, curriculum class books and through the objects and artwork we create. We even spend whole days where we live and experience history in the present day.


Our focus for History is for children to understand the progression of history through time. We know that history is the past but how does history help to shape our future.


Year 1 begin by looking at their own history and how it shapes their lives, they will consider historic events and objects linked to these such as artefact finding to a specific event. In Year 2 they begin to understand the terminology of past, present and future and will be able to place key events on a timeline. Year 3 move towards time being spilt into BC (before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini), considering terminology such as centuries and decades. They will also begin to look ancient civilisations and how they lived during specific time periods in History. Year 4 continues to embed these skills and look again at the differences in time periods studied such as comparing Tudors and other civilisations. Year 5 consider how ancient civilisations such as the Aztecs showed greater advancements over those civilisations that have lived after them, thinking critically about changes within a period of History. Finally, Year 6 identify and compare changes across historical time periods and consider changes of specific places over a time period. Children will be able to use a timeline to plot where civilisations would appear on a timeline and discuss the advancements made by each one. ​




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