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Sunny Bank Primary School

Sunny BankPrimary School

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TILT Vision

‘Education doesn’t need to be reformed – it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardise education, but to personalise it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally discover their true passions.’

Ken Robinson


The Island Learning Trust is a forward thinking Trust, we promote and strive to achieve excellence with meaningful and empowering contexts for learning. We recognise the importance of outstanding teaching and learning and are fully committed to the development of learners and staff to enable all:


                                                   " be the best we can be..."


We expect staff to maintain the highest professional standards and to be motivated to embark on their own learning journey to ensure our children experience the very best educational outcomes.


We are a 'growth mindset' Trust: we champion the message that 'everyone can'.


As a multi-academy trust, TILT aims to develop identity as a group but to also protect the unique character of each school. Collaboration should not equate to 'sameness'. Whilst there are clear consistencies across schools, this does not undermine individuality. Through collaboration, we seek to build on the strengths that exist within each school so that our collective intellectual capital benefits the broader TILT community.


We are unwavering about the main things: quality, standards and moral purpose.


The Island Learning Trust is passionate about securing the highest standards of achievement and education for all children. We are committed to achieving this by creating a fully inclusive environment that promotes social justice, aspiration, achievement and equality for all: empowering disadvantaged communities.


As a Trust, we develop ambitious, challenging and creative curricula that enable all children to flourish socially, spiritually, culturally, emotionally and academically. Whilst high academic attainment is important for all children's life chances, we also believe in the importance of providing a rich experience of the arts and physical development.


Overall Aim:


At The Island Learning Trust we are committed to creating a learning community in which children are perseverant, resilient risk takers who take responsibility for their learning and develop their critical creative and social abilities fully. We believe that children learn best when learning is: exciting, challenging, creative, collaborative, practical, reflective and meaningful. Learning should inspire children to ask questions and to wonder.  It should provide them with memorable experiences. It should develop in them the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, social responsibility, problem solving and reflection. It should have the highest of expectations of the learners. It should build on experience and always be purposeful and relevant. We are passionate about celebrating the uniqueness of our learners and our curriculum design reflects this. We believe that by encouraging children to become agents of their own learning, they are empowered to become autonomous and independent and to respond to present and future challenges. This enables them to grow into responsible citizens who are able to contribute to society in a way that maximises their strengths and individual characters.


In partnership with parents, carers and the wider community, we aim to achieve this vision and to deliver the very best education to our children to enable every child in every Trust school



'to be the best we can be'

What characterises The Island Learning Trust?


  • Our Trust was formed by 2 forward thinking schools who have a history of ambition for our children, staff and community.
  • Children are at the heart of all decision making.
  • The well-being of children and staff is our number one priority. Our schools exhibit a strong nurturing ethos allowing ALL children to be successful.
  • An innovative, researched based approach to Teaching and Learning with a relentless focus on improving pupil outcomes.
  • High quality CPD with a well-established coaching culture that is designed to attract, retain and develop all staff to secure outstanding and effective teams. No staff should have to leave for career development opportunities.
  • Outward focused intelligent leadership.
  • Strong partnerships with CCCU and other training institutions.
  • An exciting and dynamic learning community: all children and staff demonstrate a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and embrace the Trust’s Vision and Values embodying them in their everyday interactions with others.
  • All children and staff to feel valued, supported and challenged to be the best they can be.


Trust Commitments


We are committed to:


   Achieving the highest standards and outcomes for all children.


   Children being at the heart of all decision making.


   Professional learning for all.


   Working in partnership with parents to ensure we are responsive to their aspirations for their children.


   Collaborative developments in pedagogy and curricula.


   Promoting the strengths of the Trust and the benefits of collaborative development, for the good of the whole.


   Sharing staff expertise, responding to the needs of the Trust, and jointly finding solutions.


   Outward focused intelligent leadership.


   Strong partnerships with CCCU and other training institutions.


   Working with schools beyond our immediate partnership.


   The aims, values and ethos of the Trust.   


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