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Times Tables Recall Rhyme

In order to raise the profile of times tables, we will be introducing ‘Times Tables Recall Rhymes’. These are sets of rhymes to learn the tricky times tables that are often hard to remember.


18 have be selected along with the reverse fact in order to embed the commutative nature of the multiplication calculations. These 18 have been picked from extensive research carried out and were found to be the ones that the highest percentage of children would get incorrect.


Please click HERE to access the data from this research – 


How will this be implemented?  


This will be a school wide initiative where all pupils from Y3 to Y6 will have the same three rhymes to learn on a weekly basis on a half termly rotation. Research suggests that in order for something to be committed to long term memory, it must be repeated and revisited regularly with gaps in between. This is the rationale behind the half termly rotation.  


  • The three rhymes for the week will be shared with teachers and saved in the curriculum folder 

  • In each edition of the newsletter, and on the website and face book, the rhymes for the following week will be shared with parents 

  • At the start of each Monday and Friday assembly, the person leading will go over the rhymes of the week? 

  • The rhymes of the week should be chanted in class multiple times a day. Find any opportunity to do so… after morning register, the start of main maths, the start of skills, after afternoon register, just before the children go home etc.  

  • Where possible, staff should stop pupils/classes in the corridor to ask them the rhymes of the week 

  • Pupils can call out rhymes when answering the register 

  • The rhymes of the week should be displayed on the maths working wall and should be printed in a font and size that all children can see and read. 


This is something that will work in conjunction with our weekly times tables learning, interventions and TTRS to raise the profile of times tables and build confidence in children in recalling them rapidly. 


More info can be found HERE



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