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Sunny Bank Primary School Empowers Children in Community Spirit Week


The pupils of Sunny Bank Primary School recently embarked on an inspiring journey of community engagement and shared values during their highly successful Community Spirit Week. This week-long event focused on fostering unity, moral purpose, and civic responsibility among the pupils, instilling in them the importance of giving back to their local area, caring for the environment, and emphasising the value of teamwork. Throughout the week, the pupils participated in a variety of activities that showcased their unwavering commitment to their community.


One group of pupils dedicated their time and effort to Murston Church, engaging in gardening, litter picking, leaf collection, and polishing the pews and tables. Their collective contributions not only revitalised the surroundings of the church but also demonstrated their dedication to preserving the beauty of sacred spaces.


Another group of pupils ventured to Murston Heart Old Church, where they planted bulbs in a large planter and cleared litter from the site. Through their hands-on involvement, they showcased their genuine concern for the environment and their strong commitment to preserving the historical significance of the church. The Murston Heart Organisation praised the pupils' efforts on the school's Facebook page, stating, "They were a real credit to Murston, and we appreciate their hard work for their community."






In addition to these endeavors, two classes at Sunny Bank Primary School demonstrated their creativity and compassion by crafting heartfelt homemade cards which they donated to the Demelza charity shop in Sittingbourne, contributing to the organisation's fundraising efforts and supporting Demelza's mission of improving the lives of children and families facing serious illnesses.


The children themselves shared their experiences during Community Spirit Week. Baylee expressed, "I felt enjoyment and pride while helping the community." Lola shared, "We are making a big difference in our community." Olivia said, "I loved Community Week because we got to help people." Henry shared, "Making special cards made me happy."


Mr. Allen, Head of Sunny Bank Primary School, expressed immense pride in the pupils' accomplishments, saying, "Community Spirit Week has truly empowered our children, helping them recognise their roles as active participants in society. Witnessing their dedication to helping others, preserving our environment, and working together for the greater good fills us with optimism for the future."


The efforts of the children at Sunny Bank Primary School during Community Spirit Week serve as a shining example of the positive impact that young individuals can have on their communities. By nurturing a sense of community, moral purpose, and teamwork, the school ensures that its pupils are well-prepared to become responsible and compassionate citizens.


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