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Sunny Bank Primary School

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Moki step watches have launched!


Moki is the first physical activity tracker designed for schools. Moki Bands count pupil steps and use contactless technology to transmit the data to the Moki app with a simple tap. 


Moki inspires schools to move more by providing an accurate picture of their physical activity. Using a simple wristband that records a student’s steps and active minutes, Moki offers educators a unique new way to engage children in their health and wellbeing learning.


Last week we launched the Moki bands at Sunny Bank and the children have instantly engaged with these. Our total steps for the first week was 3,647,713 steps!


Individual, Class, Year or whole school activity reports are generated in real-time.This new insight can then be used to evaluate progress on an individual, class or year group basis, or shared with staff, parents and even OFSTED.


Schools that already use Moki all say that it has had a huge impact on the children’s willingness to be more active, not just in physical education and sports. What’s more Moki provides schools with a way to share it with staff and parents in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

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