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Sunny Bank Primary School

Sunny BankPrimary School

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End of Term Picnic


Dear Parents/Carers,


We are excited to invite you to our end of term picnic on Tuesday 23rd July. This is our annual community event, and I would love to see as many families there as possible. The side gates will be opened at 2pm for parents/carers to enter and you will be able to take your child home after the event. Bring a blanket and a picnic but please remember NO NUTS, no alcoholic drinks, and no smoking/vaping on site. Please do not worry if you cannot make this event, we will still ensure that, for those who cannot make, those children will still join in. School lunchtime will still be as normal on this day. The picnic will also be a non-uniform day. We hope you join us in this exciting day to celebrate the children’s successes throughout this school year.


Thank you in advance, as always, for your continued support as partners in our pupil’s education


Kind Regards,

Mr J Allen 
Head of School 

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