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Sunny Bank Primary School

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Easter at Sunny Bank


Dear Parents/Carers,


I am delighted to invite parents to this terms parent open afternoon on Wednesday 27th March 2024.  This terms activities will be planned around Easter activities and creating some spectacular Easter bonnets.


We are inviting parents to come in and take part in a craft workshop in your childs class to create some Easter bonnets for our bonnet parade on 28th March 2024. It is a fantastic opportunity to join in some fun activities with your child and we encourage as many parents as possible to attend.


For the Easter bonnet making, parents will be able to enter the school at 1.30pm via the side gate where parents will then be shown to the children’s classrooms.  For those who have more than one child in the school we ask that the time is split between siblings and that the parents visit the youngest siblings class first.  Teaching Assistants will guide the adults to the other sibling’s classes when required.


Parents will be able to take their children home from 3pm and will be required to sign them out with the class teacher. For any children whose parents are unable to attend the normal school end time will apply.


Please do not worry if you cannot make it this time, the children will still be able to create a bonnet in class with their friends and staff or you can create your masterpiece at home to bring in.


On Thursday 28th March is our bonnet parade. The children will be showcasing their magnificent designs to the whole school and a competition will be taking place. There will be a prize for the best bonnet, one in each class. Unfortunately, there will be no parents at the parade, but we will be sure to take as many photos as we can.


As always, I thank you in advance for supporting the school as partners in our children’s education. I look forward to seeing you all on the 27th March.


Kind Regards


Mr Allen

Head of School

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