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Drop off / pick up times - UPDATE


Start of the day

Due to the continued building works and no exit gate, we will continue to operate a staggered start to the day – main gates will open at 8.35am and close at 8.55am. Wherever possible KS2 children should arrive between 8.35-8.45am.  KS1 children between 8.45-8.55am. All children should be in classrooms by 8.55am when lessons begin.

Parents to drop children off at the main entrance and then exit via the vehicle gate – children enter school through the office and go straight to class.


End of the day

As the end of the day has been a little more chaotic we are going to streamline the timings rather than have a staggered system.

From Monday 6th September – main gate will open at 3.00pm

Jeffers/Potter/Murphy classes will be released at 3.05pm – please leave school site promptly if you do not have older children.

Austen/Dahl/Walliams classes will be released at 3.15pm

Parents with siblings in both may wait on the playground for KS2 to finish

Children in Years 5 & 6 that walk home will leave the school through the hall and exit at the main office.

Gate will close at 3.25pm


Road Crossing Patrol

You may be aware that our Road Crossing Patrol, Wendy, finished after 25 years just before the summer. KCC have completed an assessment and decided that there will NOT be a replacement. Please ensure that you are super careful when crossing Tonge Road from now on.

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