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Clicker 8 - license for use at home

Soon all parents / carers will receive a letter on how you can install Clicker 8 FREE at home.  Complete with instructions and a unique serial number!


Below is some information about this very useful writing tool that we use at Sunny Bank.


Help every child achieve writing success

What sets Clicker apart from other word processors is the extensive support it offers to emergent, developing and struggling readers and writers. With Clicker, every child can become an independent writer. 


Realistic speech feedback

Clicker’s realistic-sounding children’s voices give pupils the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work.


Voice Notes

Voice Notes enables pupils to record their own audio notes before they write. This gives them an opportunity to rehearse their sentences, and offers a powerful way for children to capture their initial thoughts and ideas.


Intelligent word prediction


Clicker’s built-in predictor improves the productivity of struggling spellers and encourages all pupils to use more adventurous vocabulary. Both the Predictor and the customisable spell checker are speech supported, so that children can hear a word before they use it.


Picture support

Whether used for visual stimulation, talking points, or to aid understanding, pictures are a valuable tool for supporting literacy development. Clicker includes a library of over 4500 curriculum-related pictures that can be quickly and easily incorporated into documents and writing grids. You can use your own photos and images too.




We have also uploaded an instructional video:



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