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Term 2


This term we learnt all about Evolution and Inheritance - our key learning was that living things that are able to adapt to a changing climate, survive the longest.  It is the animals and plants that adapt, that evolve the most over time.  We learnt about DNA and how this is the thing which determines the characteristics that all living things have.  In the investigation in the pictures, we were extracting the DNA from a banana! We made predictions and recorded our findings.


Happy Puzzle Company:

We were extremely lucky to have been visited by the Happy Puzzle Company this term for their 'smart thinkers' programme.  The children worked in teams to investigate and solve problems. 


Term 1


Year 6 have had a very exciting start to the new school year and have achieved so much already! One of the most memorable, exciting and creative moments of the year so far is when they got to learn all about two-point perspective in drawing. After learning this technique, the whole year group created some fantastic observational drawings of our new build and then went on to create mono-prints and mixed media pieces from these.  What a fantastic way to bring our new school to life and to act as a lasting memory of this very important time for Sunny Bank Primary.  


Well done year 6!

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