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Sunny Bank Primary School

Sunny BankPrimary School

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Term 4


Juniper class have worked extremely hard on their self-portrait bust using clay. Our topic in art ended with the class sculpting masterpieces where they initially sketched themselves from a photograph and then transferred this to clay paying particular attention to face, nose, and eye shape. 


Term 1


Juniper Class have been looking at Changing Materials as part of their Science topic. They were asked to find a thermal insulator for a lunch box. As a class, they made their very own lunch boxes and lined them with a variety of different materials . The lunch boxes were then filled with ice cubes and the temperature taken every 10 minutes. What do you think would be the best insulator for a lunch box?


Their next experiment involved thermal conductors; they had great fun making electrical circuits and testing different materials to see which conducted electricity.

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