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Sunny Bank Primary School

Sunny BankPrimary School

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Friday 16th July 2021



Word Champions







Quiz Champions












Lily - Dahl

UNSIGNED ACT - under 7 seconds




Oliver - Pratchett

Sinmi - Dahl

Shannon - Austen

ROCK STAR - under 3 seconds




Destiny - Pratchett

Cailean - Dahl

Jimmy - Dahl

ROCK LEGEND - under 2 seconds




Tallulah - Walliams

Gabbie - Dahl

Haris - Dahl

Timea - Andersen

ROCK HERO - under 1 second






Andersen and Austen


School position = 23rd!!!!  J









Tin - Lexi  Potter









Theme: RE / other





Potter - Amelia for her information leaflet of the life cycle of a butterfly.



Murphy - Elijah for trying so hard with all of his learning and growing in confidence. 



Austen - Chloe M - Someone who really shone in Art and DT was Chloe M who worked hard at making our volcanoes, was attentive and listened and tried her best.


Walliams - Declan for good contribution to class discussions.



Pratchett - Caitlin S for amazing RE work.



Andersen - Timothy for embracing ICT this week and using difficult techniques to create a PowerPoint presentation about Sunny Bank.








House Points



Well done Lloyd House!






Value Tokens




Montana and Johnjoe - Effort: working hard with Phonics
Patrick - Effort: working hard in precision teaching.
Allan - HEART

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