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Sunny Bank Primary School

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Friday 8th October 2021



Word Champions







Quiz Champions










Returns next week!


Our last scores:


Lily - Dahl

UNSIGNED ACT - under 7 seconds




Oliver - Pratchett

Sinmi - Dahl

Shannon - Austen

ROCK STAR - under 3 seconds




Destiny - Pratchett

Cailean - Dahl

Jimmy - Dahl

ROCK LEGEND - under 2 seconds




Tallulah - Walliams

Gabbie - Dahl

Haris - Dahl

Timea - Andersen

ROCK HERO - under 1 second






Andersen and Austen


School position = 23rd!!!!  J









Tin - Lexi  Potter









Theme: Foundation Subjects




Donaldson - James for building a fantastic house.



Jeffers - Olivia for trying hard to learn a new song in music.



Potter - Poppy for helping others who were struggling in ICT.



Austen - Freddie for knowing so much knowledge about Hinduism.



Murphy - Xander for thoughtful contributions during RE/PSHE.



Dahl - Vlad for a lovely drawing of a street in Murston (using a photo).



Walliams - Ava for showing care and pride in her presentation in topic.









House Points



Well done Smeed House!






Value Tokens




Haris from Mrs Riggs


Donaldson Class!


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